1. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum // Two Rivers, WI

  2. Traverse City cherry blossoms

  3. Port Onieda  //  Lake Michigan  [April 2014]

  4. Glen Arbor, Michigan // DH Day Campground

  5. Lake Michigan ice caves. Leland // Michigan [FEB 2014]

  6. Walking on Lake Michigan. Leland // Michigan [FEB 2014]

  7. Icebergs along the coast of Lake Michigan // Empire, Michigan

  8. Ghost Forest, Sleeping Bear Point Trail  //  Glen Haven, Michigan

  9. Look what I found hiding in my spinach container – Michigan.

  10. Elberta Beach – favorite beach along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. 

  11. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park  // Empire, Michigan

  12. So excited for this little one to arrive! Capturing a few special moments between my sister and brother-in-law

  13. The Grotto – Bruce Peninsula National Park // Ontario, Canada

  14. One of the happiest places on this earth – sunflowers for miles. Maple Bay / Elk Rapids, Michigan

  15. That moment when the sky and water blend together